Month of Love Roll Call

We are a week into this project. CELEBRATE!

I’ve seen some great entries, all of them have made me smile. I know that for each entry there is a hope to win prizes, but I also know that theres a desire to engage in the goodness of self-care. Because there are a lot of giveaways out there and you’ve chosen this rather extensive one to participate in (and I love you for that).

For me, this process has shown me I’m in better shape than I thought as far as the small ways with which you can do nice things… at-home-pedicures, frequent bubble baths, accepting that I’m low key pretty, maintaining ample friendships… I’ve also got a pretty good grip on my triggers for negative thinking about myself, which is a totally different blog for another day…. a new discovery I have taken on is an innate satisfaction when seeing others begin to or put to practice believing in themselves.

Sometimes theres this belief that if we are taking care of everyone else around us first, then we are incapable of self-care.  This is so not true.  There is nothing wrong with feeling satisfied by nurturing the growth and happiness of those around us.  This should not result in neglecting your own needs, and if you are neglecting your own needs, its time to find the true source of that.

Sometimes theres this belief that unless we are typing bold self-love captions on proud images of us hiking a mountain or running down a beach in a bikini or sipping champs in a spa or proclaiming that we are officially putting ourselves first or… (okay I got carried away), but sometimes theres this belief that self-care is loud and proud. And it is. At times.

But for those who aren’t loud and proud, they need to give themselves a little more credit than that.  Self-care can be quiet; it can be small, soft and gentle.  Self-care can be as simple as the way in which we talk to ourselves about self-care. A lot of people who reach out to me find themselves frustrated with how, and where to begin loving themselves. I suggest starting with recognizing how and where they already do.

Because they already do.

Through this project, I hope you see how many things that fall in line with self-care are already in your play book.  I hope that understanding this uplifts you and inspires you to find new things to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Like, girl, you are capable, because you are at it already.

I’d love to hear from you, any realizations, experiences or challenges happening for you right now.

Every post brings me delight. So keep them coming! I feel proud of this tiny movement and all the people involved.

3 thoughts on “Month of Love Roll Call

  1. Stopped posting the past 2 days thinking why am i putting myself out there, why am i doing this, people will judge me for anything I say or post. How do you handle Self doubt? Waiting to read about how you handle negative thinking. thank you for writing, thank you for being real, thank you for loving yourself and showing other to do the same.


    1. I do this all the time! Ask my self what the **** am i even doing. But somehow find my way back to myself and keep going. Thank you for your writing suggestion I’m going to ponder this and create a special blog on this. Mahalo for the support!


  2. I feel like this self love project has really got me thinking more about myself and all the things I am grateful for and have in my life that make me happy and feel good. I too would always doubt myself and the things I want to post; is it too much, will people understand what I’m trying to say…but then I think and ask myself “what would someone who loves themself do?”
    Why should I let someone’s else’s opinion of me scare me ? If I am happy, if I feel good and think this photo shows it then why not post it! Why not share it with others ! And if I can get some comments and feedback then even better. I’m so happy I decided to enter because I think it not only helped me feel more comfortable with myself but also is helping me to be more loving with myself and also showing me it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Food, friends, sunshine, music, my dog and working out. 🙂 I’m a work in progress and I’m ok with that. Thanks so much Kelly for allowing us all to really feel and spread the Love !


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