Malie Day Spa

This is Jennylee of Maliē Day Spa.

She wants you to take good good care of your skin and self and she wants to be part of that.  She is also my friend and the owner and aesthetician behind Malie Day Spa in Haiku.

Probably the only thing more awkward than a wax is a friend doing it. Am I right? But Jenny’s got the right ambiance for a an immediately relaxing feel.  Her personality puts you at ease and she did a really great job with my wax, facial and eyebrows.  I don’t often  treat myself in this way but its a goal of mine to find a way to make these things as important as other body maintenance (like the dentist).  Malie Day Spa has contributed a Coconut body scrub and $30.00 gift card to their Haiku location.


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