These Pillows Tho!

I’ve been following Bitty Bambu on instagram for ages it seems. Mostly knows for their youth dresses, I love the whimsical pairing of fabrics, and the idealic little girl lifestyle it frames its styling around.

I, of course, have only boys in my home and can only day dream about having a little girl to dress up.


Fortunately, Bitty Bambu also carries clutches and pillow cases, with the same appreciation for fun fabrics and using color to set the mood.

So I’m excited to have these 18X18 banana leaf accent pillow cases as part of my Month of Love giveaway.

How does this fit into the theme of self love? Because sometimes it takes a sprucing up if your home to lift your spirits. These are the perfect touch to do just that!

Just 4 more days left to enter! So get to it!

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