Coco Moon & the Importance of Comfort

The final giveaway product I’ll be chattering on about has a symbolic principal attached to it so I want you to read to the end whether you care about baby blankets or not. Coco Moon Hawaii’s bamboo muslin swaddle blankets are softer than imaginable. I’d compare it to a new born babies skin.

When Mathis was first born I remember sweeping my finger across his cheek gently. It was so soft it was as if there was nothing there. I was entranced by this softness and did this with every snuggle because I knew it was a softness that simply would not last.

This was when muslin swaddles first came into popularity so I of course had a stack of them (that I still have) and used them every chance I got. They didn’t have this with my older son and with Hawaii’s hot and humid climate they proved to be quite the essential comfort as a light, breathable layer for babies and big kids alike.

Imagine a world of kids who were raised with this luxury; a world where we raise our kids to seek softness and aspire for comfort. And if you call that spoiled than you might be missing the point of self-care.

As a woman in the process of raising two young men, I am all too familiar with the pressure to teach them the things that will harden them, to prepare them for the “scary world.” In fact, I’ve succumbed to all that pressure. And maybe this is of upmost importance and maybe it is not (we shall see). But let’s not forget to also teach them to include the things that feel good, the tangible, emotional and environmental ways to comfort themselves and be at ease.

Of course, how do we show them this?

By example.

I hope this project has reminded you to seek those things for yourself. Regularly and for no reason but to soften, albeit momentarily, into yourself against the harsh, demanding world.

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