Why Dreams?

When our bodies reach for rest, when we close our eyes, when we slip into this mysterious state in which we, beneath our blankets, tell our selves stories, pull ourselves into scary, weird places, or joyously random situations. When the most random of people, whom we’ve only heard their name once, or in passing on the bus show up suddenly in our subconscious for us to fall in love with, or save us from a pack of surging furry dinosaurs while speaking french.

Its all so weird. What is a dream and why? Is it any mistake that the yearning of our heart and the stories our mind play for us as we sleep have the same name?
The attempts to understand the mysteries of our are seen in many different cultures and religions. Ancient Egyptians, those whose pyramids leave us baffled, believed that dreams were a means of communicating with Gods, healing the sick and foretelling the future.


Gods and Goddesses were devoted to that of interpreting dreams. Within Christianity, Joseph was described in the bible as a dream interpreter. Dreams have been said to be the soul traveling through the night, with negative connotations. Dream interpretation has been examined thoroughly by Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern science and that guy, Freud.

Scientifically, it can be explained as your brain unpacking emotional memory and thoughts while we sleep, with aggressive emotions being processed while in REM sleep (REM= rapid eye movement, because when you’re in a deep sleep your eyes move back and forth; its creepy) sleep and lighter emotions coming out during lighter, NON-REM sleep.

The Native Hawaiians recognized and described these two sleep processes as ‘uhane, or “spirit sleep” experienced in a deep state of sleep; and hihi’o, which occurs on the cusp of awake and asleep.

Countless books exist on the matter of dream interpretation, included classes and “dream circle” interpretation groups. So many questions, so many different answers. By making this purchase, you have taken the steps to finding your own answers within your dreams.

I’d argue that perhaps the answer to your dreams are within your hands and heart. Journaling, learning and studying your dreams, is a practice that grows stronger the more you do it. Today you only remember the wild ones, the weird ones, but over time your memory and understanding will grow and grow.

Here, I provide for you a dream journal printable, which, after going through my new checkout feature, will delivered to your email address for you to download and print for yourself again and again,  day after day, week after week, to form a record of your dreams and begin to make connections and along the way, finding meaning in your dreams and ‘real’ life. Click the PURCHASE button below. Don’t worry, this ones on my.

My dear friend, ashley, of Caribelle Raye brought this journal to life with her amazing freehand illustration.


Dream Journaling Tips:

  • Secure these printed journals in a folder or binder and keep in a safe place. As time goes on you will be better abel to watch for any themes and answers.
  • Write your journal entry first thing in the morning. Dreams fade from our memory as the mental demands of our day take over.
  • If you can’t remember any dreams, write about the emotions you are waking with. Do you feel tense, nervous, happy, peaceful. Do you feel well rested?
  • Don’t skip a day. The more you journal the more you will remember as the nights go on.
  • Wishing you sweet dreams and a wonderful journey into the deep parts of your mind.

Click the link below to receive a free digital download dread journal that you can print again and again.

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One thought on “Why Dreams?

  1. Hello KINIMAMA,

    I think that there is a typo in the last sentence above the Free – Purchase button, it says Dread Journal instead of Dream Journal. 😉

    Nice post by the way, and that was nice of you to share a free digital dream journal.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


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