The Shit Talker Backstabber Card

Lets discuss Shit Talkers. Or whatever they call it where you live. Gossip. Ill intentions. Being insincere about your feelings. Betrayal. Passive aggression. Rejection. Mean girls (or boys).

I tend to respond rather aloof to these kinds of behavior. Disconnection is the easiest way for me and I’d like to think I’m far too busy to care. But remember that when someone stabs you in the back it goes straight through to your heart. Bottom line. It’s natural to be hurt by these behaviors whether you care about that person or not.

A lot of people like me and love me and very few people dislike me.  But the reality is, at times its those negative interactions that actually affect me more and live with me through hours spent wondering what their fucking problem is. Or maybe sometimes I’m the asshole and what is my fucking problem. It’s universal.

The Three of Swords pops up when these types of relationships or interactions are present. So either raise your hand or look around the room for the culprit.  Sometimes they aren’t too hard to find. That random person whose always hating on you. But sometimes its the person closest to you, the one you’d least expect, in the most surprising act of betrayal.  This process hurts, but as they say, ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power.

We can only learn from these things. Once you know who is definitely not on your side, you can learn distance, boundaries and stand a little taller without the weight of their actions. Perhaps you can even confront and work out the source of conflict. When things unravel you are left with all the pieces that you can put together how you like them.  Seek growth and transformation.  Admit that your hurt, and live with that for a little bit, knowing that its normal and you’ll soon arise.

Dealing with wicked little brats is a part of the human experience. Do your best to not be one.

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