Peace Out Mama

True story.

I have not visited the island of Oahu in 11 years. In that same amount of time I have not spent 24 hours alone with my husband. We’ve taken overnight staycations at resorts on island, only to drive two hours home and back at 6am to pick up the kids and bring them back to the pool.

Pitiful, right?

We never took a honeymoon.

I married my husband and popped out my best friend/first born within 3 years of dating my husband. So, do the math. Our entire relationship has been aggressively falling in love and then suddenly raising children. Beautiful.

It’s not that we don’t want to be alone, it’s that it would feel selfish to leave them out of an experience like that. I can’t even make it through an hour date without putting my chin upon my knuckles, eyes glossy over talking about our healthy, crazy kids… and yes lots of wine.

But it’s been more and more evident that this alone time is an essential aspect of this husband wife thing. That alone time will actually benefit our kids; it’s not depriving them of family time, it’s providing happy, in love parents who take time for themselves from time to time–like more than a decade at-least. That’s just my working theory, because I have not actually taken off yet. Yes I’m writing this at the airport restaurant with a double maitai gathering condensation waiting for me.

Also waiting for me is my man, on Oahu island. Breaking away from personal records today.

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