The Daily Cadence – 10 of Cups

On a typical day, we rise at 4am. In the quiet, my husband and I sip coffee to the sounds of the news, or in silence, broken only by small talk, or a deer or peacock calling out from the nearby gulch.  He busies himself in the kitchen and I stay out of his way (its a small kitchen), we exchange polite smooches and off he goes while I take my turn in the kitchen, preparing to wake the kids. Once awoken, the home erupts with chaos of getting two guys ready for their day and then we are off by 6:45. Now that I have security cameras I know that within 10 minutes of our departure Nike settles into a nest of pillows and blankets and sleeps all damn day.

In tarot we have the ten of cups. This is the card of harmony, and the joy that is folded into the simple days. Those times in which you are neither swept off your feet nor struggling with conflict, perhaps you have just come out of one of these highs and lows and you’re just existing, uninterrupted, happily, with your loved ones.

There’s this thing some people who have had chaotic childhoods do… they tend to be uncomfortable with normalcy, they feel anxious, always waiting for the other foot to drop, always expecting the next tragedy, ready to spring to action. This is what they are used to. But some are so uncomfortable awaiting chaos that they tend to create conflict and seek extremes because that is where they are most comfortable. These people have to relearn how to just be at ease with the uneventful.

Its time to look around you and be wowed by this simple state. The silence between a couple can be a source of comfort and peace; the beautiful chaos of children is the pulse that brings us to life and fills us to the brim. The redundant times in life are like the tempo in poetry, like the chorus in song. Find joy in the daily cadence of your life. Don’t take these mellow times for granted. This is what abundance feels like.

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