Say Something

In case you are living under a rock (and probably not a volcanic one) Madame Pele is spilling herself out into the world. A small corner of her island chain is experiencing major destruction… and growth… with the movement of her curves. She is unfolding, slowly, but somehow all at once. Beautiful areas have vanished, hearts are breaking, the world is watching, reverently. Speechless. She weaves. We weep.

I am not on Hawaii island but I can feel her movement. I listen. I learn.

Within my own tiny world I see a mirror of this earthly event in the sometimes rapid transition of my life. Perhaps you have felt it too… The push of time and nature and the soon to be unrecognizable state of what was once familiar. It moves so fast I can hardly comprehend let alone write about it.

But I tell myself:

“Say something. Say something.”

So I say.

The things spilling out for me: new stages of life, nephew graduating, moving away, oldest son moving onto junior high school, people coming, people leaving, my parents aging, trends ending, best friend getting married, new beginnings calling from the near future. Don’t get me wrong these are all wonderful things…. but then there’s that bigger sense of loss that looms… similar to the regret that always pours out when you leave one part of life for another. The real permanence of time are the things that are said and done. So it’s that fear of am I doing this right?

Somas fantastic and exciting as it’s all been for me, its all so uncomfortable for me as the same time. It sits in my throat and on my mind and I keep myself busy with idle, sometimes expensive tasks. IE: I have no control over the new experiences my son will have but I can buy him a decent stock of surf shorts in the meantime.

Anything petty I can obsess about to distract me from the big overwhelming things. Kind of helps, kind of doesn’t.

One solution to me that is worthwhile is just being with the people I love as they change, as our situations change, as lives move forward. I feel the priceless nature of each day lately. I spend time wisely.

What does Pele teach us? That nothing belongs to us. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is promised. Everything is wonderful. There is beauty and rebirth in even the most destructive dances. Watch and learn, she shows us. Cling to what’s important. Spend time more lavishly than you do money, and spend it on what you love most. Change is the cost of being here. It’s Inevitable.

So just Watch. Wonder. Wait. Celebrate.

PS(A): A word on appropriation. Madame Pele is an important deity of the Native Hawaiian people. My mention of her in my writing is what she means to me as a white woman brought up within the Hawaiian culture, residing in this sacred space and with great reverence to the Native Hawaiians. Customs and religions from cultures other than your own should be treated and mentioned with upmost caution and respect for the original culture.

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