Lessons from June

After half a year of swift months pulling us from the new year, new hopes, new dreams that we started off with… June has given us a long stretch of a month. Like a large slow downward dog of a month where we got to work out the kinks and feel the burn, the heat from its Summer breath. Like any time in life, we move forward feeling both fresh and tattered; a coy reminder of the ups and downs that will never, ever cease.

I’ve learned lessons. From June. And these are my lessons from June.

Don’t skimp the spiritual stuff.

You know what feels good spiritually, you know how to empty your heart and fill it again. So why do we stray from that? Maybe its the easiest way to avoid the harsh truths, or to cling to the unhealthy things that we think keep us going.  The good news is that even if you’ve let yourself fall away spiritually, its always been right there.  Waiting. Ready.  Even if you are physically or emotionally sick and in your lowest of lows, you can go outside, drop your head back and call out to your understanding of a higher power. Reconnect with the ways that move you spiritually. It’s like exercise or a walk on the beach, sometimes a pain in the butt to get there but always worth it.

Your family needs you.

This includes the chosen family of friends whose hearts beat close to your own. They need you. Even when and especially when they say they don’t. That’s the moment you say nothing, listen clearly and act slowly, with kindness and humor and love. Just be there. Let them be the silliness and sadness they need to be, let them fall apart, hold their pieces for them while they do. Because you know you’ll be the next to fall apart and they will be there holding you in return. Have fun and enjoy your people.

You need sleep.

But sometimes you And stillness. Recognize it when you do. Sometimes it’s deep breaths until your eyes fall heavy. Sometimes its a social sleep we need where we see no one, go no where, and scroll through nothing. Maybe the lack of movement is actually you spending some time minding your home, bouncing from wall to wall cleaning everything… and nothing. You have to stay put sometimes. So stay put when it calls to you. Drop obligations and sleep, dear, sweet thing.

Stop waiting.

To write something amazing. Just write. You have no one to impress especially not yourself. Just write fiercely, frequently and honestly until the truth of it all spills from your fingertips unto print. Whether it’s melancholy or magic, just write it.

You’re so rich.

With light and laughter and people. With color and the wind in your hair and good food and an earnest heart and healthy children and a safe partner.  Your cup runneth over with sunshine and bikinis and happy houseplants and maitais and golden memories with your favorite people–even those who are no longer here. You are rich with the time you’ve had here and the time you have ahead. You have all you need and then some.

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