We’re Going to the Car Wash

The other day I had it up to here. We were stuck at home, for whatever reason. The pent up growing-boy-energy was raising and raising all day. I sent them outside to get it out a few times, and they would boomerang back inside eventually.

This is where he definition of insanity comes in. Mom stuck in the same pattern, over and over and over.

I snap at last (as mommy’s do) “That’s it! Get in the car!” And they follow, a little worried, asking where we were suddenly off to. The car wash. I tell them, reversing from my spot and moving over 5 feet by the hose, putting it in park.

And there, we were, at the car wash, in which the energy finally released and my car got squeaky pretty much mostly kinda clean.

Soap got everywhere, the kids got soaked. It ended up being a great memory out of an otherwise frustrating day. Worth sharing.

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