Fashion Tips from a Simple Girl.

I’m really not an obvious pick to give fashion advice.

My style history consisted of hand-made dresses throughout elementary school, whatever I was told to wear in middle school, an affinity for white sneakers and no socks in high school, and a major hooch/hippy phase in college (somehow you can be both). Now as a working adult I’ve had a little more freedom to explore fashion.

But even more importantly, what I have acquired is a keen sense of self, and I’ve transformed into dressing myself for comfort and that sense of satisfaction before a mirror. This matters more than what any highly paid fashion influencer may suggest I fall in love with.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this.

So I thought I’d put together a list of fashion tips from a simple girl. Why is my opinion important? Because I hand out with hella fashionable girls, and I’ve had to somewhat fit in and keep up, albeit slightly, just enough and I still get to be me.

Don’t Try Harder, Try Less

No matter if its dinner with the girls or a gala with your guy, there’s always the struggle of determining how much to dress up. You don’t want to overdress or underdress. You may find that pile of discarded options piling high on your bed. You may find that with each outfit you are feeling less and less inspired. This is when I throw in the towel and go with simple. Don’t try harder, try less.  Go for the minimal, the tried and true. Show up appearing as the person who tried the least. This unexpected approach is likely to be the most desired fashion statement in the room, leaving people wondering why they tried so hard when you look great as is. And why do you look great? Because you are confident with you’re simply you.

Start with Color

Color has a proven relationship with mood. Theres a whole psychology behind it. Before selecting outfits I ponder the colors that I want to carry me through my day. Do I want to feel energized? Empowered? Strong? Subtle? Do I wish to convey a message of peace, or love, or just brighten someone (maybe my own?) mood. I’ve found that selecting pieces for fashion can leave me questioning my style but when I choose through colors, the vibe lasts and lasts. Not to mention those compliments of “I love the colors you are wearing!” never gets old. So what is it today? Earthy tones? Ocean grays? Vibrant pinks and reds? Peaceful greens? The standard black on black?

Go for Longevity

When I was choosing names for my babies, I had a process in which I pictured that name on a baby announcement, written on their preschool cubby, yelled across a playground, on a resume, and how did it sound paired with Grandma/Grandpa. I didn’t want a name that would trend for the first year of their lives, or define them to a decade. I wanted a name that would carry them throughout the experiences of a lifetime.

I do the same things with my clothes. A majority of them I can wear this season, next season and five years from now when I can say “oh, this ol’ thing?” This doesn’t mean we can’t go for high fashion, it just means you, personally, have to shop for things you are gonna love a long time.

Your Favorites

Listen ladies. You know those favorites, tucked up in the corner of your closet. You can hardly hear them calling your name as its muffled from behind the stacks of frequently used garments. But you are not neglecting it. You know its there. You love it more than anything. You are saving it…for…?

This is your intervention. Take that favorite and wear the fuck out of it. Frequently. Theres nothing to fear, it won’t loose its charm, its personal value, that sentiment. Its your favorite for a reason, give yourself that allowance to walk a little taller wearing something you treasure, on the regular.

Ritual Pieces

The magic of the final touch is no secret. Everyone knows it can add just a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to any outfit. But it’s not just a visual bonus, it can transform your mindset. Select jewelry that tells you something about yourself.  How does the play of light against silver, gold, gems, pearls speak to you? What lines of necklaces and bracelets excite you? Whenever possible, relate them to special occasions and put meaning into your pieces, so that you may carry it with you whenever you want. When you adorn yourself with jewelry, use it as a time to say nice things to yourself.  You are as special and rare as any jewel or pearl, as precious as any metal.

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