Aloha Friday…Dress

Friday Morning. You stand at your closet, blinking through the last bits of sleep in your eyes, but your heart quickens when you realize you made it through another week. Flipping through the one too many black shirts you have, the Monday through Thursday stripes, your soul searches for something to celebrate this great achievement… and then there she is, the Acacia Limu Dress in Hibiscus. Suddenly the world is complete. It’s gonna be a good day.

I’ve had my eye on the Acacia Limu Dress for quite a while. With its loose, casual style, sweetly hinted A Frame shape and a unique use of Acacia fabrics. By unique I mean “not a mombasa.” Listen, the mombasa is my uniform, for work, for weekends, for lounging; it’s my favorite and it shows. But once you have your favorite style that works for everything, it becomes a necessity rather than that excitement of the true new new.

And to say the Limu Dress sparked joy would be an understatement. Like I said, I had my eye on it for awhile, but only from afar, as my favorite retailer didn’t carry it for the first season or so. I prefer to shop for clothes in person to make sure it fits (because I’m too lazy to mail returns) so once I saw they would have it I went right to it.

It is absolutely lovely in the Hibiscus print. This is not Acacia’s first hibiscus themed print, but unlike the patterned Mahalo, the Hibiscus print has much more broad detail and is really nothing like Mahalo. The muted teal background beckons vintage prints of aloha friday’s past. The dress style itself is vintage in style. Very modest.

The first day I wore this dress I got compliments left and right–I even had someone ask if they could feel the fabric, which is honestly my kind of girl, I ask people that all the time. Here I am at the Country Club acting like a member when I’m really just visiting a friend.

Have a beautiful Aloha Friday every one!

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