Always Tip Your Tarot Reader

This is a transaction of energies.

Even if it is a free reading providing by your friend, they are doing everything in their power to not provide you with the advice of the ego: the one that is influenced by outside sources. Instead, they are delving deep into their intuition and the psychic interpretation of the cards.

Reading cards can be pleasant and fun but also very dark and heavy. It’s a puzzle, put together by the stars-or whatever-that your reader has to pull a meaningful and most importantly, an accurate understanding from.

Your tarot reader has put in years and years of study, research, soul searching, observation, surrender and centering to be able to provide you with that reading. They did this not to better understand themselves but to understand the world and life experiences of basically everyone in the universe (a possible exaggeration). Your tarot reader opens themselves to receive your messages, to act as the spiritual transmitter, this is a vulnerable reaching and in the end this circle has to close.

There has to be an exchange.

Whether it is a hug, a basket of fruit, or money (preferred, because they like nice clothes too) and even if they don’t ask, give a little something in the end to close out of the process.

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