The Fucked Up and the Fantastic

Today’s Tarot Study pull was 6 of Cups, who almost always brings along her sister card, 5 of cups. Together they are tender and welcome blooming of the heart after a harsh drought.

let’s start with the five of cups.

I tend to enjoy the dark cards. You’ll probably hear me repeat this again and again. Here’s the obvious fact: the cards of pain don’t cause pain, they acknowledge it as it is because it is what it is. They celebrate the purpose of pain. They teach us about how and why it comes and how and why it goes.

The five of cups refers to a deep pain they give voice to our inner self that is holding up the hurt for us. A heart break. The things we haven’t gotten over in childhood, the karmic pain of our parents and grandparents. I mean, this shit goes deep.

And as cliche as it can feel to constantly refer to current problems as a result of our fucked up childhoods, I’d argue that even the most fantastic of childhoods are linked to our current problems. Consider times of insecurity, I experience it like a chain pulled from deep seas and connected to it is every rejection, self-doubt, embarrassment and failure I’ve experienced in my life.

When we delve into our present patterns of pain, it will always always always bring up past feelings, whether we realize it or not.

But there in each painful moment is a type tenderness too. The all cried out vulnerability that starts in the metaphorical heart and spreads to our limbs. It is at this point the five of cups passes the baton to the six of cups.

That blooming heart, the sprouting green of healing, the loving balm that we spread over our ache. There’s a reason why plants thrive in soil that been churned.

The six of cups promises that tenderness and vulnerability of emotions is the way in and it’s also the way out. In and out and like breath, because yep, your still breathing. And even when nothing else changes the hands of the still clock tick on and if that’s all you got it’s still something.

Guess what else is to be found in the six of cups? That’s right babies, your child self. After you’ve been stripped of your adult ego by the five of cups it’s a great time to reconnect with who you are, where you have come from, what has made you, how do you best bloom, what makes you warm and fuzzy, how do you find peace. You might find yourself seeking old ways of comfort for new times of healing. What are the good memories you can cling to?

I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling better. Bloom on babies, you’ve been here before.

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