A Proper Propegation

I apologize in advance for anything messy in this post but I have to get this out in a pure moment because i am so fucking excited.

A couple of years ago, my new years resolution was to keep plants alive.

The wierd thing about this resolution is that its not actually up to us for them to live, they do that on their own, its up to us to not kill them. So a more realistic statement would be, a couple of years ago, my new years resolution was to have a plant and not kill it.

This has resulted in a lot of pinteresting, some interesting interactions with succulents and some puns on plants. My favorites: #PlantShelfie and #WetPlanties.


About six or so months ago I adopted a sweet itty bitty fiddle leaf named Baby. She very quickly became my favorite grew like the show off she is and in no time at all she got a little too big for her britches.

It was time for a trim

I can’t tell you how fucking stressful this is. To look at your sensitive fiddle leaf fig with scissors hidden behind your back. To them, it is just another day staring at the sun, but you know in your heart what’s about to happen. It is a leap of faith to hack two feet off your beloved plant and trust that you are doing it in the right place, at the right angle and in the right moon cycle. Looking back, this is kind of like a right of passage for plant moms like myself. I just had to trust myself and trust that my plant could take it and off went her head (and into a mason jar of water)

In the days that followed I checked for root growth every few hours. I knew I was being ridiculous but I am kinda ridiculous when it comes to my babies. I finally resigned myself to give her the space she needed and left Baby’s baby in the corner to grow.


Baby needed to be re-pot (too big for her britches, remember?). In the process of this I left her in the sun for two muthafucking days. But we are talking brief morning sun, heavy shade, but in the middle of a heat wave. Can I tell you this bitch dropped like 4 leaves? What had I done to her? Hadn’t she been through enough? Did I even deserve her anymore? But you literally can’t watch a plant grow, or heal, you can only humbly give them water and love and sunlight and hope for the best. So again, I had to step away.

While stepping away I bought a ton of other plants and took up macrame.

But today was the day to pull Baby’s baby from the mason jar, lo-and-behold she grew beautiful roots ready to taste the sweet soil. She looks so fucking good in a pot and it was a proud moment tying her to a stick for a little extra support. My heart = bursting. I think she’ll survive this ordeal. Just needs a new name (Suggestions?)

As a bonus, I took a peek and mama Baby and in a moment of serendipity saw that she sprouted her new growth at the same time. Despite being cut, burned and ignored. I mean. Can this be anymore rewarding? You could easily argue that I’ve grown a little bit too. I’ve learned that it is not my hand alone that keeps these plants alive but by simply letting them live, they have thrived all on their own. We can apply this to any relationship of love. As an extremely co-dependent person, I find I learn this lesson again and again (I’m getting better).

My next project will be propegating some snake plants that are growing wild from down the road, they are said to be extremely good air cleansers. Stay tuned?

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