The Tarot Reading Trade

It’s been two months since this pandemic welcomed itself into our lives. And what an experience it has been, filled with ups and downs, rapid movement and stillness. As much a whirlwind as a slow burn. As a writer and tarot reader, I’ve funneled every thing into words. Throughout my house you will find tarot deck last and journals left stranded after a session of deep seeking. In those early weeks I journaled like a mad woman. Pages and pages of fears, ideas and acceptance as I found my way like a vine through the grass.

Eventually I began seeking out ways to connect with the world beyond my secluded little life. I wrote letters to friends down the street I couldn’t visit, and family members across the ocean. I pictured my letters creating a big arching rainbow across the sea. It felt like a special kind of magic, to create something that would travel both time and space; things that felt otherwise out of reach. Sometimes I wrote the same person every day. This kind of effort, I knew I would not get back. But my intention was something other than receiving letters.

Part of it, I feel, was just that walk to the mailbox. In the 100 yard stroll there were birds, and butterflies, fresh air and sunshine. It was a purpose as well as a timing. The mailman comes at about 1pm, so this became the center of my day. A time to depend on.

But at the same time, I didn’t even have that much to say, so with each letter I would send a tarot or oracle card, sharing the interpretation or quoting the meaning of the card. The feedback I received (via text message) was that it was very impactful and meaningful. This was fuel to the fire.

And then, about a month ago in the light of the April full moon, as you do, I got an idea. I began offering written tarot readings to anyone for a small fee similar to that of the price of a mocha, a greeting card, a can of chardonnay, a 4 pack of toilet paper, two rented movies on a smart tv and in Hawai’i, a gallon of milk. Its unusual, putting the right price on something you produce. Its a big step to begin with to even ask for money. Its a long journey to see the value in what you do and to realize what you are worth. But I learned a long time ago that an exchange of some type is essential, particularly in energy work. Once I opened this up to people, I was so delighted to see that not only did people want readings, they wanted to share it with their loved ones. In fact, a majority of my readings have been gifted.

My project grew and grew. With every round of letters I created had a little something more: sparkle, stickers, special stamps and… I’ve got more ideas in the works. It feels good to create something special for someone I’ve never met. To know that theres a smile on the other side of each and every rainbow I’m casting across the sea. I’ve written letters to Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, California, Texas, and all Hawaiian islands.

The amount of positive feedback I’ve received has been so motivating, but perhaps the most motivating is that some of those who received my readings as gifts have then asked to gift to additional people. And then those people gifted to additional people. At this point, I’m not sure what’s more exciting: watching this unfold or seeing my beets sprouting through the earth outside. As mothers day approaches I’ve had a ton of requests, and I’ve poured my heart and mind in making it something special for all the Mamas. Ofcourse, the Scorpio full moon has made the readings quite complex but I trust that every mother is capable of reaching challenging messages and letting it motivate and encourage.

In the last week I have written over 30 tarot readings. It is exhausting work. I feel so proud of the work I did this week. If you have been a part of getting me to this place of exhaustion: I thank you. Today I told myself, no tarot, no letters, its time to recharge, i can pick it back up tomorrow as more requests come in. and yet here I am writing about tarot and writing about letters. I just can’t stop writing. It’s the only way I know how to reach and understand the world.

And so, I am going to keep offering tarot readings… keep writing, keep understanding and keep sharing. If you are interested in receiving or sending a reading. You can email me at

I assure you they just get better and better.

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