Making the Best of Your Bewilderment

What if you believed that life was rigged in your favor?

It would transform every tiny tragedy into something magnificent. The days you hit every stoplight was just to save you from something terrible, the last parking spot so far from the store was meant to create just enough delay you ran into the right person. Or the job you didn’t get reserved you for one that was better. Or even the worst job is just meant to inspire you into a new direction. What if this awful person who has been added to your life is to promote something better in yourself? Even if you are outwardly optomitistic, do you inwardly accept any awkwardness as a mere pivot in your story?

I know the frustration, and frankly rage, at the unfairness of life. I know heartbreak. I know the persistent prick of a hard day where nothing goes my way and everything goes wrong. But something that always echoes for me, is whose to say what is right or wrong, or what is good or bad.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tumbled by the shorebreak, washed 10 yards, upside down, dragged through the sand just to emerge to see I was swept away from some hazardous pile of rocks.

What if you could welcome the very notion that maybe you are that important to the universe or maybe this world is not meant to harm you but instead there are energies and experiences meant to teach you and guide you.

Its hard to see the value in a prayer gone unfulfilled, its hard to have faith in times of chaos, its hard to consider that the worst-case-scenario is in your best interest in the long run. Look back at missed opportunities and “mistakes” as merely a mirage to the true path that you have followed.

It probably takes a lot of energy to piece together this perplexity. To convince yourself in every hard moment that theres something divine and miraculous going on. This likely takes patience and a bunch of fake-it-till-you-make-it. But at its very basic level the acceptance and faith is shown when you make the best of your bewilderment.

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