Day 3 – Mind, Body, Spirit

I tarot every damn day. Whether its one card, or seven, or just sitting withy cards in front of me while I write feverishly. Whether its believing in them or not. It’s a therapeutic tool that opens my mind to understanding and is also an act of empathy when working with others. Day Three since my womb was removed. Theres a lot of pain, strain, and netflix happening. But I put off the hard meds to keep my mind clear enough to tarot each morning.

This morning I did a Mind/Body/Spirit Past/Present/Future Spread offered by Bakara Wintner, however, I struggle with the notion of past/present/future, where is the cutoff of each of these things? Even the past shows up for us today, the future is every changing, never reachable. While I work on this complexity, I thought I would focus on the Mind, Body, Spirit, which really spoke to me this morning and is basically the three legs of the tripod holding me up.


0-The Fool

About 15 years ago I studied Taoism. And when I say I studied Taoism, I don’t mean I moved to China to live in the practice for seven years. I mean I read a couple books. The first of which I would recommend is The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff. In this book, Hoff uses Winnie the Pooh as a literary metaphor for P’u, the notion of the uncarved block in taoism. Its the idea that no matter what life throws at you, you can always return to the nuetral state of understanding, openness and trust. Winnie the Pooh was always open for an adventure because he always made him self vulnerable. Though he had been through many challenges, he was never nervous (like piglet), pessimistic (like Eeyore), or overly analytical (like owl).

The Fool feels very much in line with Poohs open mindset, with the notion of the uncarved block, on the forever precipice. You may have tried before, you may have failed. Define failed. If we find ourselves at the forefront of something new and unknown and we feel ill-prepared, perhaps it is fitting to be unprepared, because that means we are equally prepared for anything. And in life you can only be prepared for the predictable and life is anything but predictable. If the Fool knew what they were getting into, he would never take that leap. If he knew partially what he was getting into, he might not leap, but maybe just hobble on down the path. Sometimes, life requires a great big trusting full bodied leap of faith into the unknown.

I took a leap. I’m in it. Today is Day Three.


7 of Pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles is the most farmy-themed card there is. It’s almost like theres no way to discuss this card without a garden metaphor. I haven’t tried because theres no reason not to.

In the 7 of Pentacles we try to do what’s right. We find the magic portions, the perfect alchemy, we tend to the garden, we leave it alone. Today I tend to my body with medication, water, nourishing foods, rest, optimism, warm teas and accepting help. These are things I probably need all the time, but don’t give it to my body. But at the very least I’m giving it what it needs the most when it matters the most. This works for anyone on any day. What does your body need? We do this in hopes to sow a better soil tomorrow.


Ace of Cups

When you trust your spirit to feel something intense. When you trust your spirit to take on a challenge. When you offer it a new place to grow from, a new cup to sip from, a new place to sit, you give it a gift that it gives back to you. The Ace of Cups is where some new hope broke through the surface, spilling onto the earth of your soul. What gifts are you exchanging with your spirit? Is it only easy things are are you trusting that it can handle more than that?

This reading speaks to me of bravery, of effort of the clarity of the unknown.

This is Day Three.

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