Happy Trails

How much I love walking, deserves a blog of its own. I won’t get into the psychoanalysis of my walking ventures for now but it’s good for my body, mind and soul. Today we found ourselves without children for a few hours and went on a walking date to Kahakapao Loop Trail, located in the Makawao Forest Reserve in Pi’iholo, Maui.

It’s crazy to think that within a short drive is this amazing area. A series of well maintained mountain biking ans hiking trails wind through light forest, ferns, gulches and pine. The pine, I believe, was planted by prisoners in the early 1960s.

It’s not surprising that this place is bustling. Happy dogs, bike riders of every level, hikers and those seeking a peaceful moment in one of the few picnic tables scattered throughout the park. Despite its popularity, there is room for everyone and just enough contact that it feels like a community.

Another fun fact is that this is where Amanda Eller went missing for several days in 2019 in what I might have been the worst ayawasca hangover ever. Only she knows.

I was really looking forward to geeking out on my Apple Watch and it did not disappoint. The GPS feature worked despite there being shoddy cell reception. I was tickled that the gps that monitored our path was twinning with the parks on site map.

In total we did nearly 7 miles in three hours. I tripled my daily work out goal. I’m looking forward to more hiking dates with my honey in the future. I feel healthy, strong, clear minded and happy.

Me glowing from health and happiness. I forgot I stuck a fern in my hair and went grocery shopping like this. Just your average hippy.

Nike did about four miles on four paws and we carried her two miles uphill. She’s pooped.

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