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KiniMama Mission

Like most Mamas, I have many missions.

The first is to raise my children in the best way possible.  Thats the short version.  The long version is complicated, but Im figuring it out as I go… my oldest son is halfway to 18 so I’m sure I can explain in about 25 years from now.

The second is to nurture creative endeavors and reach as many people as possible in order to inspire and enrich the rhetoric within this odd online community. The echo I hear from my own efforts are that of positive body image, self-love and confidence in women, particularly mothers, who have selflessly raise their families and don’t give themselves enough credit.  Many of us could use a nudge into understanding that we are fantastic human beings, doing a great job.

The third. I have found my skills to be of service to others. I love the reciprocal act of supporting the creative projects of others while broadening the way I support my family in a new and exciting way.

One thought on “About

  1. You are sooo awesome for this blog! Been following u on IG and love it all mama!! Aloha vibes from the mainland,
    Erin @hunagirl


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