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I am Kelly, and I am KiniMama. Woman. Wordsmith. Tarot Reader. Aquarius. Hopeful Soul.

Most of my creations take place in a humble, chaotic yet peaceful Maui Home, shaded by a Hawaiian ‘Ulu tree that dances in the island breeze and sings as I ponder and create.

I established KiniMama in 2015, with a singular mission to create an outlet for myself and inspire others.

Along the way, what this has looked like has taken on shifting shapes. Many of these are demonstrated in the transformation of my writing and by what has inspired me. You will find me expanding spiritual understanding with tarot and an unending desire to understand; supporting the creative endeavors of others, enriching the rhetoric; exploring a visual esthetic of positive body image and confidence, displaying an honest and frank take on womanhood.

I have avoided the trend of sanitizing my writing with the pressures to use SEO, and what I write here is as pure and true as it pours from my heart and into my hands. While this makes me less visible on a global level, it also means that anyone who has found themselves here was seeking something genuine and meaningful. Thank you for being here.

One thought on “About

  1. You are sooo awesome for this blog! Been following u on IG and love it all mama!! Aloha vibes from the mainland,
    Erin @hunagirl


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