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KiniMama Mission

Like most Mamas, I have many missions.

The first is to raise my children in the best way possible.  Thats the short version.  The long version is complicated, but Im figuring it out as I go… my oldest son is halfway to 18 so I’m sure I can explain in about 25 years from now.

Through this website, I wish to promote positive body image, selfless self-love and confidence in mother’s and  who have selflessly raise their families and don’t give themselves enough credit.  Many of us could use a nudge into understanding that we are fantastic human beings, doing a great job.

I dream of the day when women are not subjected to body criticism, slut shaming, and classified by their physical appearance alone.  As a mother of boys, I wish this for my sisters, nieces, friends, future daughter in laws and granddaughters.


There are many bikini pictures.  And I have stretchmarks. You need to know this.

There are two sides to me: Whimsical, Poetic and Sentimental; and Keeping-It-Real; or anywhere in between.  This blog is “C” Rated, meaning I cuss as needed and don’t always spell check.



One thought on “About

  1. Erin says:

    You are sooo awesome for this blog! Been following u on IG and love it all mama!! Aloha vibes from the mainland,
    Erin @hunagirl


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