Thunder Storm Mood

Winter is here! This season has brought us frequent rain storms, not ideal for beaching it unless you are a surfer or in love with one. Or in love with thunder storms. Or Swimwear. (Such as the Resort 2017 Acacia Swimwear release)  We recently had a a rainy day that was calling my name.  Out … Continue reading Thunder Storm Mood


The Lucky Honey Ehukai Exclusive 

I remember when Acacia Swimwear first featured the Ehukai I thought "ofcourse!"  It's such a practical suit, amazing coverage uptop, a nice secure suit for the active mermaids out there, swimming, diving, surfing.  For the 2015 Resort & Summer seasons, they had this style in prints and mesh.  I'll be honest in saying I never … Continue reading The Lucky Honey Ehukai Exclusive 

Planting Seeds

This is my one year mark. I was born a creative soul. It's hard to describe the purpose that being creative has to the dreamers and artists of the world.  Creating art; whether through written words or tangible items, music... it can bring such a simple sense of satisfaction and paste amounts of fulfillment.  Wether … Continue reading Planting Seeds