This is Not a Drill

“What am I gonna do? Where am I gonna go?” This was a rhetorical question, because we both knew he was right, he had no where to go, and the reality was, neither did I. We were sitting in the middle of the ocean, after all. So we said as casual goodbyes as any day. And so I sat clutching my necklace engraved with my children’s names as I examined the library for survival necessities.

I am a Folded Flower

In the darkness, flowers curl up into their bright colors to reveal the dusty undertones of wrinkled petals. This is my shadow self: a folded flower. Not wilted, but closed, protected. And when the sun rises again, the flower stretches wide open, brightly, bravely, exposed.

2018 Hello Beautiful

It’s so incredibly freeing to imagine a new you. To give yourself permission to let things go, to be reborn. But, unfortunately, (or fortunately) I won’t be waking up a whole new person on January 1st, and neither will you. It’s never worked like that, it never will, and we all know that. Real freedom comes from concentrated efforts and many small, significant changes. So that’s not what it’s really about.

Lava and Water

We sat there for hours. Lava rock and water. Probably two hour, which is a lot for a child’s attention span, in silence, watching the puddles in the rock turn into tiny worlds right before our eyes.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

So here we have world renowned chefs, and fresh local produce, meats and ingredients, wine brought it from around the world.  It was the perfect conglomerate to celebrate how things both big and small, near and far, paired, unrelated, spicy, sweet, red, white, eccentric or expected can come together beautifully to make something amazing.