The Simple Wild

This week I read The Simple Wild by K.A Tucker. A story about Calla. – young millennial who travels to remote Alaska to reunite with her estranged father, meeting handsome and hardheaded Jonah along the way.

All the Ugly & Wonderful (and super uncomfortable) Things

We look at abuse and neglect in a very narrow black and white way, there’s good touch and then there’s bad touch. We want to believe that where’s there’s love there can’t be harm. And where there’s harm, love isn’t possible. But Greenwood’s novel depicts the opposite for us, showing us where love cuts through the cracks of very dark and damaged places.

Woman in the Window

This morning my son asked me how long it takes to read a whole book. Now, this is a difficult thing to measure unless your timing it, which is impossible what with all the interruptions of reading like having to go to work, feed your family, personal hygiene and HBO Documentaries that need watching.

The Winter People

Think about your home, your town, family artifacts, legends… the story these things tell are linear, and go both back in time and forward and we are but a mere dot existing on that line.

Little Reader, Big Reader

I would walk around with a book in my hand, brush my teeth with a book in my hand, take out the trash with a book in my hand, wash the dishes while leaning over the counter, reading the water splashed pages that I couldn’t tear my eyes off of.