Double Digits 

I guess you could say that at 10 years old he needs me most for the things he doesn't want me for.... homework, putting on sunscreen, taking out the trash, asking for help with his little brother... almost like I need him more than he needs me now.


Disney Days

I'm obsessed with the landscaping. Obsessed. And the lighting. And the architecture. And the obvious fanatics with Disney tattoos and funky pins and buttons. Way too many over-priced light up toys (totally worth it). And ya'll were right about the turkey legs. And the churros. And the cost of a bottle of water.

Jolly St. Nick & The Easter Bunny too

This is a 16 & up post.  Frankly I don't know how my child believed for so long. He has literally found his unwrapped presents every year.  Every Christmas. Every birthday. Every Easter too. I'm consistent like that.  But we did all the other things we were supposed to do: sat on the strange mans … Continue reading Jolly St. Nick & The Easter Bunny too


Dear Elias,What an incredible age you're at. Independence. Self Awareness. New experiences. New progress. New Challenges. Sometimes I go too hard. Sometimes I let things slide that I shouldn't.  The biggest thing I've learned about this age is TRUST. I have to let go more and trust you with your choices and responsibilities, trusting you … Continue reading DEAR ELIAS