Laughing and Crafting 

This is something that brought us together as young girls 20 years ago and again and again as women, and most importantly, as mothers.


Crazy Crafty Cool

But thinking back, it was never about the show we were about to put on, but it was always about the bonding. Here we were facing our biggest moments and milestones in life and our closest friends were readily available to hold our hand through it. Craft night, planning meetings, party prep... it was all just an excuse to gather and enjoy company with a purpose.

Jolly St. Nick & The Easter Bunny too

This is a 16 & up post.  Frankly I don't know how my child believed for so long. He has literally found his unwrapped presents every year.  Every Christmas. Every birthday. Every Easter too. I'm consistent like that.  But we did all the other things we were supposed to do: sat on the strange mans … Continue reading Jolly St. Nick & The Easter Bunny too