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I spend a lot of time reaching for some imaginary pocket of perfection. Some place or time in life where my finances are squared away, my house is tidy, my work does not follow me home, I am taking care of myself, I am sleeping, the world is in harmony. I know very well this… Read more “Perfection.”

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Astrological 3/29

Here in the Northern Hemisphere there are whispers of “Spring Break”. But there’s nothing like a “break” to remind you that the work is never done. In this week’s astrological readings, we celebrate efforts, endeavors and our never ending growth through aspiration.  

Astrological Readings 3/8-3/14

This time of year can remind of us of the freshness available to us each day with the growing sunlight and the hope in dewdrops that paint blossoms every morning. Our readings this week suggest we use this time to find the freshness within.


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