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The Reading rabbit hole

February Astro Readings

February sweeps in like a cold breeze that stirs your soul and brightens your spirit. This week we focus on shifting chills into thrills and spills into our will.

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Journal Gems Part 3

In Summer of this year, I began using my time and energy a little wiser. I tapped into the mood-booster of learning. I took zoom classes read books and decided to go through with a major surgery that had been a long time coming. Through the therapy of study and an opportunity for healing, I… Read more “Journal Gems Part 3”

Jagged Little Pill

In 1995, Alanis Morisette released Jagged Little Pill. I was 13. I just lost my father for the second of many times. I was still navigating puberty. I started drinking alcohol and experimenting with weed. Boys wouldn’t notice me for another couple years and I wouldn’t know love for another decade. My grades didn’t reflect… Read more “Jagged Little Pill”

Happy Trails

Exploring the Kahakapao Trail in Pi’iholo.


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