The Non-Niche Bitch

But to choose only one side of myself to share? I'd lose myself, atleast half of myself, along the way. And when you write against your heart and when you share yourself disingenuously, it's so obvious and such a turn off


Crazy Crafty Cool

But thinking back, it was never about the show we were about to put on, but it was always about the bonding. Here we were facing our biggest moments and milestones in life and our closest friends were readily available to hold our hand through it. Craft night, planning meetings, party prep... it was all just an excuse to gather and enjoy company with a purpose.

Disney Days

I'm obsessed with the landscaping. Obsessed. And the lighting. And the architecture. And the obvious fanatics with Disney tattoos and funky pins and buttons. Way too many over-priced light up toys (totally worth it). And ya'll were right about the turkey legs. And the churros. And the cost of a bottle of water.

A Decade a Bride

There's been a lot of love and there's been a lot of hurt. A steady dance of hardening and softening. We've had to rebuild ourselves a time or two--sometimes we see it coming and sometimes it catches us by surprise. But we always look back proudly at the positive result of pushing through.