Aloha Friday…Dress

Flipping through the one too many black shirts you have, the Monday through Thursday stripes, your soul searches for something to celebrate this great achievement… and then there she is, the Acacia Limu Dress in Hibiscus.

Fashion Tips from a Simple Girl.

But even more importantly, what I have acquired is a keen sense of self, and I’ve transformed into dressing myself for comfort and that sense of satisfaction before a mirror. This matters more than what any highly paid fashion influencer may suggest I fall in love with.

Into the Blue

The ACACIA Swimwear Sunset Mesh full piece did not get the appreciation it deserves for the first part of the 2016 Resort season.  Perhaps the wow factor of the Kokomo full piece upstaged the new, simple and dainty design of the Sunset. 

The Acacia Swimwear Kokomo with all the bells & whistles

As for myself, I am shocked that I was not drawn to this style immediately; it provides a simple, classic cut that flatters the womanly figure. 

The dainty straps paired with racer back provide some support with a probably the sweetest side-boob (for lack of a better term) in my bikini draws.  Not to mention the unequivocal ACACIA booty that we all love.

The mesh makes for a silky, edgy, fun detail, but also makes the suit more stretchy.  Sizing down recommended.  I snatched this style in the ever so stunning TidePool from my friends at The Lucky Honey.  Perfect for golden tans and sunny beach days. 



I Heart Nuetrals

There’s something about neutrals that have always made me swoon.  This creamy tan ACACIA Swimwear bikini is the perfect compliment in any natural setting.  On this lovely family beach day, I couldn’t help but appreciate its dreamy blend with the  shoreline’s color palatte… the soft white sand and stunning turquoise ocean.

It is said that light colors only go well with tanned skin, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Also, its just happenstance that this fantastic lush ACACIA Swimwear Bangalan Towel from The Lucky Honey coordinated with the look. “Sea” Necklace available at the talented Free to Be Me Jewelry.