Life, as Told by Wind

Anyone whose been to Maui could tell you that the moment you get off the plane the wind greets you with a big warm hug and whispers into your ear “I love you so much already.” I would come to know this wind like a watchful elder who chooses their words carefully and are not to be ignored.

Kicking and Screaming- Lessons from 2018

You can pry a flower open only to have its petals fall apart. Or you can plant, water, sing to, love on and shine upon a bud and just wait for that glorious bloom. That is true strength, after all, the patience in one’s breath, the willingness to nurture and permit, the allowance of time.

Lava and Water

We sat there for hours. Lava rock and water. Probably two hour, which is a lot for a child’s attention span, in silence, watching the puddles in the rock turn into tiny worlds right before our eyes.